We Ride Our Horses Everyday
We Specialize in Beginner Horses for Adults or Children
We Specialize in Beginner Horses for Adults or Children
Its hard to keep these kids off of the horses
We Sell Horses Because Our Staff Love Horses
We Sell Horses Because Our Staff Love Horses
Robbie Jones has over 20 years experience and the author of 6 published horse books including Your First Horse, Fun Beginner Horsemanship.

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About Us

Thank you for stopping and taking the time to visit our website. I realize that you have other choices and I promise to work a bit harder for you and the horses. We specialize in kid safe horses suitable for children or beginner adults in the central Texas area. Our tiny facility is located 8 miles outside the historic town of Crockett, Texas. Our primary customer and service is providing an honest outlet for children, family, beginner riders and anyone buying their first horse.

I am often asked, "What is a kid safe horse?" And I have an easy answer. A kid safe horse has been handled enough, and trained enough to typically act in a calm manner under normal, to not so normal conditions. I get to know and ride each horse that comes into our program, so I can promote and honestly represent them. We dedicate a lot of our time and experience to provide a quality service to our prospective horse buyers. Our main goal is to make this process honest and easy.

Our horse sale policies and assurances are in place for the benefit of our customers as well as our horses. We pride ourselves on taking care to match our horses with the correct customer. Typically you will have 10 days to try the horse out and make sure the horse is right for you and your family. If you do not decide to keep the horse we will trade the horse for another from the group. Please contact me for more details. (Robbie Jones 936-581-6048)

We want you to get the horse that will work for you the first time. We specialize in kid safe horses that almost anyone can ride. Please call for more information about the horses you see here.

Why Buy a Horse From Us

When a new horse comes into our facility that horse will be saddled and ridden everyday. We ride our horses down country roads and through the forest.
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Our Services

We Also Buy Gentle Horses and Saddles
If you have a horse that needs a new home please give us a call. We buy good horses as well as saddles and horse tack. Please call…
We Can Deliver Your Horse
 If you decide to make a purchase we can easily deliver your horse to your facility. Please call for the exact prices and details.
Do You Have a Horse That Needs to be Trained?
We are very experienced at putting riding hours on a horse. If you have a horse that needs 30 to 90 days of training we are taking in…
Anyone can try to sell you a horse. We have been matching horses to riders for over 20 years and know a real beginner horse.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Matching the Correct Horse to the Appropriate Rider
Quick Safe Affordable Horse Delivery
Horse Safety and Ability
Honest Horse Descriptions and Pictures

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Misty Roan, Bought by Susan Greenville

    August 7, 2017  We fell in love with your roan horse the moment we saw him on the website. We had a 7 year old daughter that was ready for her first horse and the roan looked perfect. We made the drive and after one hour with the horse we knew he would be perfect. Thank you for the great deal and my daughter has gone forward to win a few local horse shows in her age group. What a great experience and also thanks for the great deal on the youth saddle. Will update you with pictures next week.

    Susan Greenville, Hico, Texas

  • Mathew Stokes, bought Top Hat

    I just wanted to drop a short story about the horse we had shipped to us from your facility. We saw a black gelding that would work perfect in our dude ride in Colorado. I did not have the time to drive to Texas and wanted to know that the horse would work. After a special video you took of the horse riding through the woods we were convinced enough to buy him and have him shipped.

    Once the horse got to our facility we have been nothing but pleased. He was exactly as described and rode even better than we expected. The horse has become one of the favorites and we have some pictures of him dragging an elk carcuss to the camp.

    We will be checking the website for a couple of future horses.

    Mathew Stokes, Double S Ranch

  • Dan Herne, bought Indian Moon

    October 23 2017,   I had been looking for a certain horse for my granddaughter and had visited several horse facilities. I saw a lot of over priced horses that were extremely good looking but way too spirited for the inexperienced rider. I eventually found a decent looking black and white gelding on craigslist and got in contact with Robbie. He rode the horse for us and then let my granddaughter give it a try. I was impressed at how well he knew the horses for sale.

    Thanks for the help and we will see you in the fall. I have another granddaughter who is getting interested.              Dan Herne, Shreport Lousiana. 


Beginner Friendly Horses for Sale

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